Refund and Returns Policy

Any Dealer or Retail return or replace requests must be submitted through the website by downloading the Warranty Request Form.

Closeout items are non-returnable.

Wheels must be returned in their original (or comparable) packaging and in new, unmounted, condition. Wheels that have been mounted to tires cannot be returned.

Once the wheel(s) have been received by the Metal FX Offroad team and it is evident that tires have been installed, credit will not be issued and wheels will be scrapped. If wheels are received and it is evident they were not re-packaged properly resulting in damage during transit credit will not be issued and wheels will be scrapped.

If wheels are being returned with the understanding that Metal FX Offroad will provide return labels for shipping purposes, the customer has 5 days to print the labels and 15 days to send the product before the they expire.

If the labels have expired and the customer still wishes to return the product, they will be responsible for covering the shipping cost and providing their own return labels to Metal FX Offroad.

Return product must be received by Metal FX Offroad within 30 days from when the Warranty Request Form is submitted. If the product is not received within this timeframe, the customer will be billed for the replacement of the product.

If you have questions regarding this policy, or the status of a return, please contact (800) 989-6271 or