Cast Truck Wheels

Cast Truck Wheels


Metal FX Offroad UTV wheels bring the looks and style you crave to make your outdoor sports fire. Push the limits of your UTV (Utility Task Vehicle) with the leader Metal FX Offroad. Our cast UTV wheels offer great looks, strong performance, and are budget friendly. Check out some info on why you should purchase our UTV Wheels: 

Our UTV wheels are designed with a special locking mechanism that offers extra support to wheels, preventing them from getting off the rim during harsh driving conditions. Navigate  vehicle bumpy roads, sail through snow, muddy, surface water and even sandy paths. Our bead locks promise a revolutionized off-roading experience and will last for a lifetime. 

 Metal FX Offroad’s UTV wheels feature our signature locking mechanism that provides improved traction during off-roading, minimizing slippage. Riders also enjoy better steering control and enhanced safety. 

Our cast UTV wheels support an authoritative drive, even with low tire pressure. Typically when off-roading, tire pressure drops significantly. Yet operating a UTV with bead locks prevents the rim from dislodging, and protects you and your passengers from any potential injury. 

Our cast UTV wheels instantly add an aggressive, distinctive look to your vehicle - and they ship fast, typically reaching your front door in under a week. Choose your favorite design from our in-stock selection - or reach out to our awesome team of UTV enthusiasts for a custom set made to your specifications.

The way your UTV operates is the ultimate priority. It must navigate the terrains you’re riding according to your specific needs. Metal FX Offroad’s cast UTV wheels have been designed to perform well on whatever your terrain of choice may be - whether it’s smooth roads, or rocky, muddy paths in uncharted wilderness.

Our UTV wheels ensure a great ride and handling.. If you’re more on-road than off-road, let our team know so we can make recommendations that will best suit your desired usage. 

UTVs require careful handling for a safe ride. With our history making wheels dating back over 20 years, we’re always leveraging our history and engineering for greatness.