Metal FX Offroad designs and manufactures custom UTV Wheels


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Metal FX Offroad designs and manufactures custom UTV & Truck Wheels. With combined technical expertise, amazing designs, uncompromising quality, advanced materials, innovative manufacturing techniques, and attention to detail, the final product is the ultimate in style and performance.

Truck Wheels

Buy truck wheels from Metal FX Offroad to to elevate your ride’s style and functionality. Our wheels, whether cast or forged, offer the latest innovation that ultimately fuels the best driving experience. Opt for cast or forged truck wheels, budget-friendly or all out customization built to your specs.

Metal FX Offroad cast truck wheels offer the design and quality we’re known for, providing a flawless drive and value. Our custom built forged truck wheels provide additional design options and also accommodate a variety of requirements for trucks with aftermarket modifications.

Metal FX Offroad Truck Wheel Features

Our truck wheels have a higher offset value, which means greater clearance when turning the wheels. Each vehicle may require a different offset value, so you must review the details before you purchase wheels.

Our truck wheels are available in multiple sizes to accommodate most vehicle requirements.

Light-weight and Strong
Our forged truck wheels are made of alloy, contributing to their light-weightiness and durability.

Bolt Pattern
Our wheels have been designed with varied bolt patterns for modern trucks.

Metal FX Offroad Truck Wheels Comparison

Cast Wheels for Trucks
Metal FX Offroad cast truck wheels are usually the top choice for people seeking quality wheels and our signature design but require less customization.

High strength
Light-weight for a smoother drive
Eye-catching Design
Strong performance on smooth terrain

Less durable than forged wheels
The casting process is not highly efficient, which may cause the wheels to oxidize
Prone to cracking due to high pressure
Wheel stiffness cannot be altered

Forged Beadlock Wheels for Trucks

Oxidation resistant
Maximizes performance
Highly customizable for an improved truck appearance
Resistance to breakage

More costly than cast wheels
Prone to wear and tear under extreme circumstances
Higher repair cost
How to Choose the Right Wheels for Your Truck?
The main factors to consider when choosing the right wheels for your truck:

Driving Conditions
Whether you are off-road, drive on streets, or want to use your truck for both purposes.

Tire Size
Your tire size is critical when choosing the right wheels. You should make sure that the diameter of your rim and tire matches exactly.

Your Goal
When replacing your truck wheels, you must also weigh your ultimate use case, whether you want to improve your vehicle's looks, want a smoother ride, or require it for off-roading.

Purchase Metal FX Offroad’s Truck Wheels
Explore Metal FX Offroad’s wide variety of truck wheels that promise quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness. Our experts can help you choose the best truck wheels for your vehicle. Questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us.