What Are Forged Wheels and How Are They Made?

What Are Forged Wheels and How Are They Made?

Who would not love seamless driving and performance in their UTV or truck? Ultimate performance starts must be supported by strong wheels that are high-quality and offer durability and performance. Replacing your truck or UTV wheels is a hefty investment, so make an informed decision. 

An Insight into Forged Wheels

Forged wheels are known for exceptional performance and durability which makes them the best option for showpiece and high performance UTVs and trucks. The wheels are made from aluminum that is heated to form a wheel. Aluminum is highly durable and lightweight, which has multiple benefits; ranging from aesthetics to fuel-efficiency. 

Manufacturing of Forged Wheels 

Forged wheels will cost you a pretty penny; however, they are superior in quality, performance, and safety compared to other options. Experts manufacture forged wheels through an intricate and time-consuming process. The initial step involves heating and cooling the aluminum alloy to make it less breakable and flexible so it can be formed to the desired shape. You’ll find the best looking, highest performance wheels are in fact forged wheels - as they are mostly made to order per specific requests from consumers, and made by hand. 

Importance of Forging in Manufacturing Process 

Heating and cooling alloyed aluminum strengthens the metal and is best for durable wheel manufacturing. The heating process works to modify the metal’s crystalline construction by positioning atoms at optimal positions. This enhances the metal's strength making it highly durable and less prone to cracking. For the most part, wheels never break, are lightweight, and provide high fuel efficiency. 

Wheel Options  

When it comes to choosing the best wheels in creating your ultimate high-performance UTV or truck, you must know about the options available in the market. The following types of wheels in the market: 

Cast Wheels 

Cast wheels are the most commonly used wheel for UTVs and trucks. They are manufactured through the gravity casting process. Heated aluminum is injected into a mold and allowed to shape with the help of gravity. It is a cost-effective manufacturing procedure; as the materials may contain a variety of metals. The end result is a good all around wheel for most vehicles, although they are not as attractive, or performant as forged wheels.

Low-Pressure Casting Wheels 

If you are looking for a slightly better option then you may opt for wheels prepared through a low-pressure casting method. In this process, molten aluminum is transferred into the mold with a positive pressure that supports the development of stronger and lighter wheels than cast wheels.

Forged Wheels 

Forged wheels are created through the forging method that uses high pressure when molding molten aluminum into wheels. The forged wheel’s cross-connected grain assemblage allows light-weight and strong structure and seamless vehicle performance. 

Pros and Cons of Forged Wheels

While forged wheels are the best option for a high performance UTV or truck that looks as good as it handles, here are the pros and cons of all we have discussed: 

Pros of Forged Wheels 

  • Unique Look
  • Stronger Structure 
  • Lifetime Durability 
  • Corrosion Resistant 
  • Less Prone to Damage 
  • Uncompromised Structural Integrity 
  • Enhanced Performance 
  • Better Fuel Efficiency 
  • Value for Money

Cons of Forged Wheels 

  • Needs Expert Input
  • Higher Cost
  • Longer Lead Times

Rotary Forged Wheels

Rotary Forged Wheels get a lot of hype, as the complex casting process makes it a premium option for vehicles. Rotary-forged wheels are manufactured through multiple processes, providing different attributes. The wheel manufacturing procedures include basic sand, gravity casting, low-pressure casting, and die-casting. 

Rotary Forging Process 

Rotary forging is a wheel manufacturing process in which the molten metal liquid is poured into a mold and pressure is applied. The pressure sustains the metal's molecular structure and gives it distinct properties. 

The initial step is gravity casting in which the liquid metal is shifted into an empty mold, cooled, and treated. After the casting, the wheel mold is placed into a spinning machine and rotated at high speed in an extreme surrounding temperature. This solidifies the rim and pops it out upon completion. 

Benefits of Rotary Forged Wheels 

People opt for rotary forged wheels due to their lightweight feature which promises improved UTV and truck performance. At times, rotary forged wheels are considered a better option as they require less material.

Rotary forged wheels have compacted molecules which provide a very strong, shiny, and lightweight finish. As rotary forged wheels are manufactured through various processes that give each variety different features, it might confuse your decision. However, the best option is to contact an expert

Repairing Forged Wheels 

Forged wheels are incredibly durable, yet they may be damaged through extreme performance utilization i.e. offroad or accidents. At times they may be repaired or require replacement. Most often, a qualified professional can advise you as to what the best solution is and at what cost.

Custom Forged Wheels 

Custom forged wheels are popular among UTV and truck owners as they promise a smoother drive, better aesthetics, higher vehicle performance, and enhanced vehicle worth. A great set of forged wheels will turn heads - but also offer the experience you’re looking for with your UTV or truck.


Though cast wheels are the most widely used option by UTV and truck owners, they lack the durability and performance that forged wheels offer. When you’re tricking out your UTV or truck, you’ll want to complete the effort by adding forged wheels as the finishing touch. Cast wheels are the definitive choice for a day-to-day UTV or truck that’s not your showpiece - or when you’re looking for a budget-friendly alternative that costs far less. Reach out to one of our experts to find out which is best for you.