Metal FX Offroad Dirt UTV tires enhance the overall look and feel of off-road UTVs while also improving traction, durability, and awesome performance.

Here are some of the most important factors to consider when choosing the best Dirt UTV tires for your vehicle:

Tread Pattern
Tread pattern helps determine the tire’s performance in various topographies. If you plan to ride sandy terrain, you should choose deep lugs and wide pattern tread blocks. However, narrow patterned treads are best for rocky pathways.

Tire Size
Choose the right tire size according to your UTV specifications. You may have to consult an expert to help you choose the tire with the right diameter, width, and height.

Ply Rating
You can find dirt UTV tires in different ply ratings that indicate their strength and resilience. If you are looking for tires to navigate rough off-road tracks with authority, definitely choose a higher ply rating for greater puncture resistance and stronger sidewalls.

Terrain-Specific Tires
You can explore our expert selected UTV tires designed for different terrain types such as sand terrain, rocky terrain, muddy terrain, and all-terrain. Choosing the right type of tire per terrain will provide the best possible experience - ensuring durability and performance.

When purchasing tires for your UTV, we recommend choosing durability and suitability / fit, as it offers the best value and ride. You may find lower cost tire options, but top-quality tires from a reputable brand will deliver unmatched safety, performance, and longevity.

Improved Traction
Dirt and Mud UTV tires feature specifically engineered tread patterns which ensure the best traction on soft surfaces like sand, and mud.

Better Vehicle Handling
The specialized tread UTV tire designs will improve vehicle handling and flexibility, particularly in off-road terrains. The correct choice in tires will provide high stability and control, keeping you and your friends and family safe while you have a great time exploring the great outdoors.

When choosing tires for rugged terrains, you must opt for high-quality, durable options. Dirt UTV tires feature strong sidewalls and durable rubber compounds that can withstand roughness.

Self–Cleaning Features
A majority of the dirt UTV tire varieties are available with tread designs that allow self-cleaning. The tires are designed to expel dirt and debris from grooves and prevent accumulation that may hinder traction. This feature makes it an ideal option for muddy tracks.

UTV tires designed to navigate dirty and muddy paths perform well in off-road settings, their versatility makes it ideal for more “day-to-day” use, with the exception of sand or aggressive rock outcroppings.

People prefer our selection of UTV tires for their aggressive looks, quality, and performance. While we all love a great looking tire, wheel, etc. our brand is built by and for enthusiasts, so we don’t sell anything that we ourselves wouldn’t use. Looks aren’t everything.

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